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  • (1) Who will be doing my hair and makeup? What is your background? Can you tell me a bit about yourself?
    Rav B Beauty is owned by Rav (my mom - the founder, does makeup), me (Kaashni, does hair). We are a mother/daughter team that works together. On the wedding day, both of us travel out and simultaneously work on the bride. Brides are always personally done by us two. All work you see online is done by Rav and Kaashni. We do not have additional team members, it is just us two! Why? Well we prefer to keep the team as just us two so we can ensure clients are getting the work they see online and to ensure quality. We are North-Indian/Punjabi. We are professionally trained, certified and licensed. We are also a registered Ontario business. Rav B Beauty was established November 2011.
  • (2) Pricing/Availability
    Please fill out our contact form -
  • (3) Bridal Hair + Makeup
    INFO + PRICING: NOTE For brides, we do not offer solo services (i.e. just hair or just makeup), must be both hair/makeup. If you wear a religious head covering (dastar, hijab, etc.) and require only makeup, that is okay, please feel free to inquire!
  • (4) Can I see more photos of your work? I have skin and hair concerns.
    If you are concerned about whether we can achieve a hair/makeup look not seen on our page, the answer is yes. Check-out our highlight on Instagram titled "Tips." We kindly ask that you do not ask us for additional photos of our work - we unfortunately cannot email out photos to individual clients. All of our work is either on our site or Instagram. Our Instagram has our latest work as our site is not always updated. Note: we have been in the industry for 10+ years, and can proudly say that we have extensive experience with all ethnicities, face shapes, skin tones and types. We’ve worked with clients with various skin conditions; hyper-pigmentation, vitiligo, eczema, cancer patients with drying skin, and much more. We’ve also worked with various hair types; very curly hair, cancer patients with hair loss, clients with alopecia, clients with a pixie cut who wanted an up-do, client who wore a wig due to hair loss. Lastly, we’ve also worked on various ethnicities (South Asian, East Asian, Middle Eastern, Africa-American, Hispanic, Caucasian) If you don’t see someone who looks like you on our social media, we do apologize for this! The reason for this is that we don't always have time to take photos of our client's on the wedding day, the photo quality may not be great, or some clients simply do not want us to take photos. We also don’t believe in taking before and after photos of our clients (for many reasons).
  • (5) Do you need to know what sort of look I am going for now? Can I share my look prior to booking? Can you achieve a certain hairstyle/look? When do I discuss my look?
    Check-out our highlight on Instagram titled "Tips." Brides NOT booked with us: We do not discuss looks with brides that have not booked with us. If you have concerns about your skin or hair, refer to question 5 (above) Brides Booked with us: You can discuss your look at any time. Though, we strongly recommend doing this closer to the wedding, about 4 - 6 weeks prior to the wedding, when your outfit/jewellery have been selected. At that time you’ll have a better idea of your look and overall wedding structure. Until then start saving photos of looks you like and don’t like. Sharing Inspo Photos before booking: We hope that if a bride is booking with us, it's because our work appeals to her, and the majority of her inspo photos (doesn't have to be all), are from our page. We have a highlight on Instagram titled "Tips,” that includes some helpful information. Achieving your look: We’ve been in the industry for 12 years (since Nov 2011). We have worked with many different types of hair and skin types, and have created many different hairstyles (even if they’re not shown on our page). So yes, we are adept at creating the look you have in mind. Please also refer to question 12.
  • (6) I am inquiring a year in advance. How far in advance should I book? How quickly should I book? How long do I have to get back to you?
    We really do not like rushing brides, we want to ensure that if a bride is booking us, she is comfortable with us and our style of work. Check-out our highlight on Instagram titled "Tips." Though, the sooner you book, the better. Most of our bookings are done a year in advance (we had some brides do 1.5 - 2 years prior). Popular wedding season months: May, June, July, August, Sept, early October, book up VERY fast and we take on limited bookings as is. The sooner you book the better as we cannot guarantee we will have spots available on your date. We work on a first come first serve basis and cannot hold dates without a deposit and contract; the onus is also on the client to assume we will get multiple inquiries for certain dates. We very often post about taking limited bookings on our socials. We take on a maximum of 1 - 2 brides a day (ex: one bride in the morning, one in the afternoon/evening). Our brides timings do not ever overlap and there is ample time scheduled between each client. We do not like to overbook or “squeeze” people in as we like to take our time with each bride. We absolutely hate rushing not only the bride, but also ourselves. We also take on limited bookings to ensure we don’t experience burnout. We want to be refreshed, energized and enjoy each bride we take on. You can get back to us at any time. However, we cannot guarantee your date will still be available. We also work on a first come, first serve basis, and because we have multiple inquiries for some dates, we are unable to inform brides if another bride is interested in the same date due to the volume of inquiries.
  • (7) How do extensions work? Do I need them for a bun/up-do?
    Please inquire with us; we send out a very detailed price-list with FAQ's that throughly explains extensions (and other details).
  • (8) Sari Steaming/Pleating
    While we are trained in sari steaming/draping, we prefer to outsource (to make your wedding day more efficient). We recommend that you keep us for muah and book elsewhere for sari by contacting the sari draper on your own. It’s best to book with us first, and then contact the sari draper. Some brides want a makeup artist that will also do their sari, because they think it’s easier to coordinate. Wrong! It’s still easy to coordinate if you book elsewhere for sari. There really isn’t much coordinating for you to do, as we will send you the details you need to provide the sari draper. All you need to do is copy and paste the details we provide you, and send them to the sari draper. Again, it’s best to book with us first, and then contact the sari draper. We have a list of 18 sari drapers that we recommend. When a bride books with us, we will send her that list of recommendations (there are 18 people on it, so there are many options for you to select from). Our sari draping work →
  • (9) Non-Bridal Hair/Makeup
    NON-BRIDAL includes bridal parties, guests attending weddings, special events, prom, graduation, TV & Magazine, Portfolio shoots, editorial, runway, all other events. INFO + PRICING fill our contact form -
  • (10) Trials / Brides booked with us
    Trials are only available for bridal. MORE TRIAL INFO (link may take a few seconds to load)
  • (11) Trials / Brides NOT booked with us
    Please fill out our contact form
  • (12) Travel / Destination Weddings
    BRIDAL TRAVEL Additional people not required for bridal, just the bride is okay. Destination/international travel available. Travel fee applies NON-BRIDAL TRAVEL 1 person: appointment at our in-home studio (border of Brampton/Mississauga) 2+ people: we travel out (travel fee applies) Destination/international travel NOT available for non-bridal. EDITORIAL/TV TRAVEL Minimum not required Destination/international travel available. Travel fee applies
  • (13) COVID Policy + Hygiene Measures
    We are very vigilant about our health and hope that the client is as well; just as much as the client’s safety matters, so does ours! We are double-vaccinated All of our brushes, products and tools are thoroughly sanitized between each client/application (deep cleaned after each appointment), and we use disposable wands for products that should not be touching multiple people (i.e. mascara, lipstick, etc.) In the event we are to contract COVID, we do have a back-up artist. BRIDAL CLIENTS: The deposit is non-refundable. However, you may reschedule your date as many times as needed (so long as we have availability).
  • (14) Airbrush
    We use airbrush based on our discretion, if we feel the client's skin requires it. Airbrush is still a relatively new technique, and while it may be a trend among some artists, the products available for airbrush are of lower quality (versus "regular" makeup). We mainly use and prefer our "regular" makeup as it offers more durability and longevity, the products are of higher quality and created with superior formulas. Bridal Clients: airbrush is included in the bridal package. Non-Bridal Clients: additional charges apply for airbrush.
  • (15) I’m still deciding on where I will be getting ready. Can I book now & let you know the address later?
    Yes! That is no problem. You can book now and let us know the address closer to the date/whenever you figure it out.
  • (16) I am still deciding on whether I want to book the koorai change or not. Can I book the first look with you, and let you know later if I want to add on the koorai change?
    Yes, you can definitely add on the koorai change, though, we cannot guarantee that we will have availability then. We highly recommend booking the koorai change; we are not saying that to try and upsell you (we promise)! You spend more time in your koorai look than you do in your first sari, and many of your photos will be in your second sari. If you try to make any changes to your hair/makeup/jewellery when we are not there, we promise, it’ll look messy in photos (we’ve seen this with brides who have not booked their koorai change). We also don’t recommend hiring another artist for the koorai change; have another artist touch-up another artist’s work can look messy.
  • (17) Can I book only the koorai change? What is included in the koorai change?
    We do not solely offer the koorai change. A bride can only book the koorai change if she also books her first look. As per page 1, the koorai change includes hair and makeup touch-ups, jewellery change, and travel. For makeup: touching up makeup, changing lipstick if you’d like For hair: removing the braid bun, slight changes to the hairstyle, changing florals (if you’d like) Remember, there is usually only about 30 minutes for a koorai change, it’s best to plan for minimal changes (these changes, if any, can and should be decided closer to the date).
  • (18) I am booking for myself, the bride. What if I have additional people? I may book my mom closer to the date; she is undecided. Is that ok? Does pricing change for moms?
    What if I have additional people? 1 additional person: If you have one additional person, and that person is still deciding, that is okay. We do not need to know now, and you can add in the one person closer to the date. Adding in one person closer to the date is ok since there are two of us; this won’t affect the schedule or the bride’s time, as one of us will do hair, the other will do makeup. We would work on the bride and one person at the same time. 2 additional people: We can accommodate a maximum of 2 additional people, but must know at the time of booking. So that would be the bride + 2 additional people. The two of us (Rav and Kaashni) would be doing the bride and the two additional people. For the bride + two people, it takes 4.5 hours total. More than 2 additional people: As mentioned above, we can only accommodate a maximum of 2 people. IMPORTANT: We require the additional people to be in the same location as the bride. We cannot accommodate the bride and additional people in different locations. I may book my mom closer to the date; she is undecided. Is that ok? Does pricing change for moms? Of course! Since there are two of us, adding in your mom won’t affect the schedule or the bride’s time, as one of us will do hair, the other will do makeup. We would work on the bride and her mom at the same time. Pricing does not change depending on how simple/minimal your mom’s look is.
  • (19 I have naturally curly hair. Can you work with this? Do you need to see my curl pattern before-hand?
    We certainly can! We don’t need to see your hair beforehand - we’ve worked with all curl patterns. Once a bride books with us, we will let you know how to prep your curly hair. Checkout our highlight on Instagram titled "Curly Hair.” UP-DO: we have dark-brown curly hair extensions you can rent (in most cases, for an up-do, extensions are not required). The extensions for a bun, are not suitable for a braid. BRAID: you’d have to purchase curly hair extensions (we will recommend where to buy when you’ve booked with us)
  • (20) How long does bridal makeup take? How does scheduling work? What if I book additional people?
    All bridal looks (western and cultural) do take time, 3.5 hours total (this includes hair, makeup, dressing, washroom breaks, any other interruptions, our set-up time, etc.). The time is not dependent on the style or look you’re going for, no matter how “simple,” or “glam” your look is, they all take 3.5 hours. Please do not ask us what time we will be starting, or if we are okay with early start times. ♥ ♥ ♥ Yes, we are aware that most South-Asian weddings mean that you will have to start getting ready super early (we’ve started as early as 1am, 2am, 3am, etc - you can start earlier than that too!.). On the contract, we have a section to fill out timings. When the booking is confirmed, we will send over a very detailed, tentative schedule. This includes a breakdown of the time we require, start times, etc. This schedule essentially outlines your entire wedding day for you. Please wait until the contract is signed, and after we send the schedule, to discuss any timings. You DO NOT need to confirm timings/details with other vendors first;WE WILL SEND THE SCHEDULE FIRST, and then you can coordinate with other vendors based on the schedule we send over.
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